How exactly is a “Point” defined?

The Corlysis App started with the same definition as the InfluxDB Point but We realized that e.g. some users store data only from one sensor and other users can store data from 100 sensors. So Corlysys app “Point” is the InfluxDB Point multiply by Field Value count. Technically - for each your database and each your Measurement Corlysis app sum up the result of this query:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "measurement_name"

This calculation is realized only a few times per day. In real-time it is estimated.


meas_test,place=garden sensor1=20.6,sensor2=23.3,sensor3=22.7

Corlysis app calculates the above insertion as 3 points.

How is one query defined?

One query = One HTTP GET request to InfluxDB. So if you have 3 graphs in your Grafana dashboard and refresh rate 5s - you have 12*3 = 36 queries per minute.

What happens when we reach the the pricing program limit?

If you have the credit your pricing model is automatically switched to the higher one and you continue in writing without interruption.

If you do not have the credit or your reach the limit of the profi pricing model then you can not write next points to your database. You can still query and delete your data.

How billing works?

Every month is your credit decreased by the prize of your program. It is usually done at the begging of the month. We have NO access to your PayPal or to your Credit card so there are no automatic payments. We use service. If you need an invoice open the email with the title “Thank you for your purchase!” from the and there is a link: “Need an invoice? Generate”.

I have bought the Hobbyist program - but I still can’t get more than 14 days of data?

To update database duration click to your database and go the the Actions section: activate account and then click to the “Update Duration” and select how long database will keep the data.

How are pricing program designed?

1) FREE program (0.0 EUR) allows you to watch your dashboard several times per day and write more than 10 values once per minute with 2 weeks data retention.

2) HOBBYIST program (2.49 EUR) allows you to enable alerting that queries data every minute or you can still have a TV on with refresh every minute. You can write your time-series data 10 times per minute.

3) PROFI program (9.99 EUR) allows you to do the same as the HOBBYIST but 10x more often.