Visualize your time-series data

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How it works?


Create time-series database

Sign up to the Corlysis and by one click create your new InfluxDB time-series database.

create database

Send your data by one line

Sending data to your database is very easy. You can do it by HTTP POST request with your secret API key.

send data to the cloud

See your data anywhere

We configured for you powerful monitoring Grafana tool to see your data anywhere.

visualize data anywhere

Corlysis is a platform that helps you with storing and visualizing your time-series data.

Key Features





Cloud based


Monitor anything in less than 5 minutes

Corlysis is trusted by hundreds of customers.

Pricing plans


unlimited dashboards
2 weeks history
300 000 points
1 500 HTTPS writes per day (1 per minute)
300 queries per day (limited auto alerting)
1 user
e-mail support


unlimited dashboards
2 years history
3 000 000 points
15 000 HTTPS writes per day (10 per minute)
3 000 queries per day (auto alerting)
1 user
priority e-mail support


unlimited dashboards
unlimited history
30 000 000 points
150 000 HTTPS writes per day (104 per minute)
30 000 queries per day (auto alerting)
100 users
priority e-mail support

InfluxDB and Grafana hosting for your amazing projects. Made simple and affordable.